Dropbox is a file storage service, that enables you to store any sort of info. The files are synchronized between all computer systems where the Dropbox app is installed and you could access them from any device, including a smartphone. Unlike a web hosting service where the files are executed and an html file, for instance, will appear as an actual webpage with text and images on it, in Dropbox you'll see the content as a list of files and folders. If you have an account with them or start a new one, you can take full advantage of our absolutely free service and you can link a hosting account on our end with the Dropbox account so that our system can create regular backups there. This way you can have a copy of your content on our servers, on their servers and also on your PC and you shall be able to access it from any unit provided the Dropbox app is installed, which will provide you with more protection in the event that something happens with your data, such as an accidental deletion, for example.

Dropbox Backups in Cloud Hosting

If you choose to take advantage of our Dropbox backup service and you've got a cloud hosting account, you could permit this option with a couple of clicks in your Hepsia CP and our system will start making backups the very same day. Depending on the disk space quota of your Dropbox account and the amount of content you've got on our web servers, you can pick the number of different backups which will be made, ranging from three to 14. You'll be able to also choose if backups shall be made only of the site files or of the databases as well and Hepsia will allow you to enable this option for each site or database independently, to ensure you can back up only the content that you actually need. Allowing the service is super easy and all it takes is to add your Dropbox account within the corresponding section of Hepsia. You may also add several accounts and removing one which you no longer want to use takes only a mouse click. You can use this service in combination with our regular backups which are made 4 times a day and incorporate all of your files and databases.