The monthly traffic characteristic, which is at times also referred to as bandwidth or information transfer, indicates the overall volume of information which is uploaded to your cloud hosting account and downloaded from it each month. The website traffic is produced predominantly by website visits - whenever somebody goes to your web site, the pages they view are downloaded from your web hosting server to his / her machine or mobile device and they're displayed by the internet browser. What counts towards the website traffic produced is the overall size of these webpages, so the more site visitors you get for some period of time, the more website traffic will be produced. In addition to the site visits, file uploads will also be counted towards the total monthly transfer which means that every time you upload website content or other files through a file manager or an FTP program, they will also generate some site traffic. The counter resets on day one of each and every month and it is not related to the date you have signed up or the date you have renewed the website hosting plan.

Monthly Traffic in Cloud Hosting

All our cloud plans were designed with the notion to handle the traffic made by any site that can exist in such an account. When you have one or a few different small-scale or medium-sized sites, you will not be limited by the monthly traffic allowance whatever the content you may have - plain text or a great number of images, for example. The stats in your hosting Control Panel gives you comprehensive information about the site traffic generated by every single web site and the total amount for your account as a whole. The stats are updated in real time and indicate both the daily and the monthly usage, so that you will be aware of how much information is transferred to and from the hosting account anytime. Day one of each and every month the counter is reset, but you will still be able to see the web site traffic statistics for the previous months, that will show you how your web sites perform.